A word from the president

Welcome to the AFDM website

The French Maritime Law Association is known as a “learned society”. Looking back at the contributions it has made on the initiative of its successive presidents since its founding in 1897, it is impossible to deny the association’s status as a learned society.

It contributed to the unification of maritime law in cooperation with other countries’ national associations within the framework of the Comité Maritime International, the creation of which involved the French association playing a key role. Between 1910 and 1959, more than 16 international conventions were drawn up within the CMI and subsequently ratified by a large number of States.

At a domestic level, the contribution of the association through development of the statutory laws known as the Rodière laws from 1966-1967 and in 1969, led to French maritime law being improved and renewed after having remained essentially unchanged since the Colbert ordonnance in 1681 as codified in 1807.

The association has thus acquired considerable expertise and experience over the years mostly attributable to the professional diversity of its members, who are for the most part not only academics, lawyers with specific expertise, corporate jurists, but also professionals from the maritime sector and others who operate or work closely with them.

The aim of the French maritime law association is to promote this wealth of expertise and experience by placing it at the service of:
- French speaking States, so as to offer them support in adapting their legislation in line with their development from the perspective of maritime transport and port/harbor activities,
- the whole maritime community as well as transport operators and auxiliaries, with whom there is significant potential for synergy. By its actions, the French Maritime Law Association contributes to the influence and attractiveness of French law within its field, i.e. maritime law per se, but also and more generally, of the law governing activities otherwise relating to maritime transport, such as freight forwarders and multimodal transport.

Give the Association greater profile within the maritime world.

This requires modernizing our website, which is the Association’s main window to the world, and external communication initiatives in order to give wider publicity to our work.

I invite all lawyers who are passionate about the law relating to maritime activities to join our association and to participate actively in its work in order that AFDM the fountain of ideas from which it has always derived the greatest force for its creativity.

Philippe GODIN