A word from the president

Welcome to the AFDM website

Our Association positions itself within the maritime community as a learned society whose role is the study of matters relating to maritime law and to all aspects of law relating to maritime activities in general (national and international, private and public). It seeks to gather together specialists in this field from all quarters. It is a favoured place for debates, talks within which the various legal sensitivities of the maritime “families” can be expressed, a forum where new ideas relating to evolution of the law can emerge.

The aims of the Association for the years 2012-2015 are arranged around a fourfold course. Build on the AFDM’s reputation in the field of maritime law.

At the national level, our mission is to monitor the principal statutory, regulatory and jurisprudential developments in maritime law and to focus our attention on the questions that form the talking points on current developments in the maritime world.

At the international level, it is important for our Association to actively participate in the works of the Comité Maritime International and to make our voice heard within this organisation.

Utilise all energy and skills capable of enriching the Association’s pool of knowledge. The AFDM must open to all sectors of the maritime community: ship owners and insurers but also shippers, brokers, services companies, P&I clubs, Navy and maritime affairs representatives, port representatives, vessel masters and pilots, etc…

Reinforce solidarity with other maritime Associations while favouring relations with French-speaking associations. It is appropriate to forge closer ties both with other French-speaking maritime law associations but also with ones that share some common concepts of codified law.

Give the Association greater profile within the maritime world.

This requires modernizing our website, which is the Association’s main window to the world, and external communication initiatives in order to give wider publicity to our work.

I invite all lawyers who are passionate about the law relating to maritime activities to join our association and to participate actively in its work in order that AFDM the fountain of ideas from which it has always derived the greatest force for its creativity.

Philippe BOISSON